Stock Slip Rings

Stock Slip RingsOur complete line of stock slip ring assemblies to accommodate most applications. Includes our BEST COST & BEST DELIVERY series of both self contained and separate rotor & brush block slip ring assemblies. Both instrumentation and power units are available.Learn More 

Brush Assemblies

Brush-Assemby-1Our complete line of silver graphite leaf and plunger brush assemblies. Replace worn brushes on Fabricast slip rings or design our brushes into your application. Common uses include both low noise instrumentation and power applications. Brush grades available for various environments (e.g. altitude, vacuum, and high RPM).Learn More 

Custom Slip Rings

8015with coverCustom Assemblies are required for applications in which a stock slip ring does not meet the customer requirements. These assemblies are built around standard tooling to the customer specifications.Learn More 

Slip Ring Specification Form

The Slip Ring Specification section of the website includes information on how to specify a slip ring assembly and a form which can be filled out and sent to Fabricast via Email directly from the website. Learn More 

Download PDF Catalog Pages

For more detailed information on our product line, the complete Fabricast catalog or any portion of it can be downloaded in PDF format from the website. Learn More